The Girl You Failed To Keep.

I have finally broken out of the cage. I am free! And it feels brilliant! I don’t think about you 24/7 anymore. I smile ALL the time and you are so not the reason anymore. I loved you with all my heart but all you did was push me away every single time I made an effort to keep us together. So now, I am not going to come running back to you anymore. I gave you my all and you threw it away. You were once my EVERYTHING. I know I will never love someone as much as I loved you. I imagined my whole life with you and even you knew how sincere I was but what did you do to me? You walked away. You rejected my love. You have lost your one chance of being truly loved by someone. And you know what, I am not the girl who walked away but the girl you failed to keep!



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Oh the Blair Waldorf bitch stare, classic haha 


Oh the Blair Waldorf bitch stare, classic haha 

Do you ever think about all the people who you might have fallen in love with if only you’d taken a different way home or stood a little longer in the bread aisle at the supermarket? All the people who might have been an integral part of your life but instead you’ll never know them. The unimaginable impact that our mundane choices have on our lives really gets to me. Think of how many times I might have died if I’d made different choices. Maybe I’d be homeless. Maybe I’d be famous. Maybe I’d be rich. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by the impact of my choices that I can’t choose anything at all because I’m afraid today will be the day that I make the choice that changes everything.
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